(…) Science uncovers the already existing in nature form or thing. It finds again that is and utilizes

the existing (things) in the world and sets them at the service of Man with combinations that are dictated from the specific needs (the one that creates complication, think of the flight of aeroplanes compared to the flight of birds.)

On the other hand art creates from the non-existent a perceived world that is for Man and is valued from him. Let’s not forget though, that art and science have a common area the human mind and Man in generally. It was said that the hand that holds the brush or the chisel, is the same hand that holds the pen, the scalpel or other instruments of science. It is that hand that is guided from the mind, the brain or the heart….

“We have to become and remain all of us constantly modern…”

Rimbaud noted that as what characterizes science and art, that is the eternal movement, the change, what in science we call progress and in art avant garde, what is to say always the originality in the unstoppable evolution of creativity of humans….(H. Arveler quotes)