<… is there any meaning to an ART that ignores the people?..>

Art that is not read as an expression, has to be approached as a re-enactment for some sort of…archive file…

Already from the times of artists in the first half of the 20th century we are aware of the illustrative nature of geometrical forms.

With the abstract expressionists, we came to appreciate undefined morphs types.

Mondrian rearticulated the versions of the “fine balance”- in an update of the time, in order for the inherent needs of the industrial age to be addressed.

Pollock and De Kooning initiated us in expressions of uncertainty that allows us -but provoke as well- to transgress above the order of things.

Artistic expression in our days is a social tool as well.

(Thoughts on the “Art in the time of governing” AGRA EDITIONS 1997)