Artwork is pursued in the framework of a happening.

They are directed to others, as social tools.

Artwork doesn’t pursue the recording of reality.

On the contrary it is a result of penetration, of an upset and a new proposal.

Many times it predicts or it reveals a latent reality.

While painting the one new picture is pursued and proposed, with indications or hints of the essence, the possibilities for something to develop or a comment for what it is in itself.

Everything, analytically and as a composition, beyond the approach of the familiar- which is the easily read.

With those difficulties that interfere, the interest of the audience is needed.

There is a quest for criticism and dialogue, for reception or even rejection.

The creation of a succession of structure of the world that forms….

And functions from the message of the artwork…

Marketability and the market is the equal to an applause… at least to the artist…

It is evident that in parallel giving and receiving is fair and necessary.

And I certainly wonder…

Is the digital artwork commercial? Do I care for it to be?

I am interested of course as it obvious from the previous analysis to be commercial.

The work (mine) I think could be commercial.

It looks to be too early yet.

A lot of work, experimentation for expression, new tools are in demand.

A seat in the appreciation of the public.

It is a battle with the problem for reasons of timing.