..The last few years many things have been written about the revival of “drawing” as a primary and not a secondary medium.

However I will prefer the term that Emma Dexter is using in the introduction of her book Vitamin D, New perspectives in drawing.

It is about a “calm revolution”, a comeback of drawing in contemporary art practice and not a “revival”. “Revival” has as a prerequisite that drawing was dead. Nobody declared that drawing is dead, as the critics and the curators were suggesting of ….painting.

It has always been present in artistic practice from the primitive times to today, as a tool of work, as a sketch, a redrawing, a mental scheme, a study or a direct and primary expression form.

Drawing as a continuation of the mental process has been standing by the digital proposals…. Artistic or other….

After painting, that changed its role in the beginning of the 20th century and won again its renaissance in the 90s , with its directness and simplicity, without apologies or explanations, it allowed artists to make what they may of it. (Natalie Pambouki /