I was born in 1944 in Agrinio, Greece. I grew up in central Athens, in the Pagrati and then in the Koukaki area of Athens.

My childhood And my teen years unfolded in a Zakynthian artistic Family- on the side of my mother, with all the traditions active and the language of the Ionian islands deep rooted in our daily lives.

Because of special historical circumstances, my guardians were: an uncle painter / hagiographer and art appraiser – and a grandfather wood sculptor. Simple people, true artists. On the walls of my childhood lower middle class house, were always magnificent paintings!

My usual childhood strolls were in the Monastiraki area of Athens under the acropolis or to gatherings in the Atelier of painters, accompanying my uncle and mentor….. In their company were great painters of the era Pelekasis, sikeliotis, Papanikolaou, Romanidis, Germenis etc… and other interesting figures… I was listening and I was watching…. Accumulating data, images, thoughts about art…..

I went to high school in the 1st Highschool of Athens in Plaka but then architecture moved me… which was a great and happy choice at the end…..


I studied in the Aristotle University of Thessalonica, in the architecture department, with a great coincidence of Professors co-teaching at the same time. They tutored us, but initiated us in the magic of art and the charm of science.
Great teachers and pioneers, as it is evident by their programs. Besides the architectural units the additional lessons were particularly organized and effective.

In Arts and crafts Christos Lefakis, for three years taught me painting and plasticity of forms. One great artist painter of abstract Expressionism.

I hagiography / religious painting and photography, in parallel with morphology and the research of modern monuments, was the teacher N. Moutsopoulos.

In art history we had Manolis Andronicos, the later great famous archaeologist of Vergina. Seminars, Conventions and field trips in Europe, USA, Latin America, Mexico, the Middle East, Russia…..

Constant updating and information of the latest art movements and visits at the great museums and galleries in Europe and around the world.

THE 70’s

I served as an officer in the engineer’s corps, initially in a borderland’s service and later on, luckily I was called to participate in the design group for the WAR museum of Athens. I worked with enthusiasm, considering the project as a design challenge. During the last stage of the project, I carried out the application design with a series of design and materials choices. During those years I had the lack to collaborate with the great Morali, as a design manager for the Kapsabelli Architectural practice. He designed the ceramic elements of the façade in the Moraitis School in Athens.

After the political changes in Greece during the mid-seventies, I was elected a professor assistant in the design department of the Athens Architectural University under professor D. Vezas. I tought building materials, introduction to architectural design and a unit about the relationship of design and structures (1975-79). In parallel I established my architectural practice which was to become the “Domes architectural office”. The office won several awards and distinctions in architectural competitions, in collaboration with the architect F. Goulielmos.

THE 80’s

The office transformed and become the Domes Architectural design office while acquiring the national special certificate for large public projects. The office carried out a variety of architectural competitions and construction projects.

THE 90’s

The office participated in various competitions of “design and construction” as a collaborator of Large Greek construction groups. Participation in the architectural biennale of Venice in 1991, with the team of professor Maximus Chrysomalidis. The proposal included the establishment of a Greek Pavilion for the exhibition.

The 00’s

The office participated in the Olympic village of Athens 2004 competition. The team Domes E. Apostolidis – D+T Biris office -Theros office won one from the trhee equal distinction awards. We were assigned the final design for the Olympic village for a settlement of 12.000 people and with a new collaboration Domes E. Apostolidis office- T.Gabrilis Office.

The 10’s

….to the path of Painting ….digitally…!

Active As an artist in the digital process of photography and digital painting.

After my timeless architectural artistic effort, but solo sketching personally, my relationship with digital technology lead me to the enchantment and the challenge to scout a digital approach to painting. I established the “Vart” Workshop (2012) that investigates themes and images as a modern version of artistic expression and experimentation. This passed through Variants of digital photo-compositions and paintings but of artistic installations as well, initially as unassigned projects. Armed with artistic mood and goals, the design without pencils and “the usual”….The effort comprised of selections in the framework of a process. Photography and elements of imagery through a new gaze, a message and geometrical transfigurations seeks a new artistic composition. The goal is the expression of products of the mind with an artistic aesthetical proposal.

-Participation with a video show, with digipaint synthesis, in an annual festival that is organized by the Diafragma 26 team in the Cinemarian space and the Embros theatre in Athens.

Team Exhibitions

2016 – “the other Athens”
2017 – Eros
2018 – Utopia Participation with digital artworks in team exhibitions around Greece.
2014 – Artway, gallery Chilli, Athens Theseo
2015 – Artway Cultural center Villa Konsta, Athens N. Erythrea.
2016 – Cultural center of Preveza, I. Moralis
2016 – Cultural center , Parga Fort
2017 – Cultural center Ag. Paraskevi, St. Kotsis
2018 – ΟΛΘ Buildings , Thessalonica


I collaborated with the “theatre Embros”, as an architectural advisor and as a scenery advisor in technical, artistic and space design subjects (Little Eyolf – Ibsen, American buffalo-Mamet, etc)